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The Department of Computing Science at GU re-engineered the first year class Computing Science 1 - Programming (CS1P) to address issues relating to the linear, cumulative nature of the course content. In this structure students who fail to understand founding concepts struggle as the year progresses. Using peer instruction supported by electronic voting systems the class piloted a design of weekly learning cycles and using a ‘tick’ system of multiple small exercises, which students can complete at any time. The results of the completed redesign can be found by following the links listed below:

At a Glance

Department: Department of Computing Science
Class/Course: Computing Science 1 - Programming
Students: N/A
Technology: Online exercise packs
Assessment Activities: Weekly tests which become progressively harder support engagement and feedback on individual learning attainment, reinforced by face-to-face peer and tutor feedback activities.
Efficiencies: Costs of staff and administration are offset against income per student retained in the department through increased progression rates and other associated benefits.
Learning Gains: Data pending.

Principles in Practice

Evaluation Report

Staff Involved


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