Events in 2006

ASCILITE 2006: Who's Learning? Whose Technology?

Sydney, Australia - 03/12/2006 to 06/12/2006

The annual conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. This year's theme, "Who's Learning? Whose Technology?" focuses attention on understanding the needs of a diversifying population.

The REAP project will be presenting a paper entitled "Increasing success in first year courses: assessment re-design, self-regulation and learning technologies"

Conference web site:

Related paper: Click Here

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Workshop on Electronic Feedback Software

W606, Hamish Wood Building, Glasgow Caledonian University - 30/11/2006

This workshop for REAP project participants is a hands-on session focusing on the use of an electronic database of frequently used feedback comments when marking students' written work. The software was developed by Phil Denton from Liverpool John Moores University and is already being used successfully by CBS staff. Phil will be demonstrating the advantages of the new upgraded version.
If you’d like to attend, please contact Linda Creanor at Glasgow Caledonian University (

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REAP 'Brown Bag' Lunchtime Event

W610 Hamish Wood Building, Glasgow Caledonian University - 30/11/2006

REAP resumes its series of ‘brown bag’ lunch events, with an event hosted by REAP participants at Glasgow Caledonian University.  Anne Warren and Ken Waddell of Caledonian Business School will be talking about their experiences of using low stakes continuous assessment in the form of weekly MCQs in Blackboard in their modules.
These events are an opportunity to meet informally with colleagues across the project consortium and to share early outcomes, experiences and challenges.
If you’d like to attend, please contact Linda Creanor at Glasgow Caledonian University (
Caledonian Business School web pages:

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Assessment in Lifelong Learning workshop - New working ideas in HE assessment and feedback

The Priory Rooms, Birmingham - 27/11/2006

This workshop which is part of a session organised by the HEA subject centre for education ("ESCalate"), will present some new thinking on assessment and feedback in mainstream HE, and then invite audience discussion on whether and how this could apply to their own context e.g. in continuing education. It will begin with some frightening research findings on the ineffectiveness of current practices, introduce some practical principles of good practice, and then describe two contrasting specific learning designs that score highly against the principles.

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University of Glasgow: Teaching and Learning Association

Glasgow, UK - 26/10/2006

This meeting brought together members of the Teaching and Learning Association at the University of Glasgow and members of the REAP team.
Dr. David Nicol was invited to present current findings from the REAP project on 'Increasing the success in first year courses: Assessment re-design, self-regulation and learning technologies'.
Presentation available at: Click Here

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ICT in Higher Education

Barbican Centre, London - 24/10/2006

Bringing together policy makers and senior managers from HE, FE and the ICT community, this event will hear a policy update from leading experts and considers how technology can be used to meet strategic goals including widening participation, admissions and pedagogic innovation.
REAP Director Dr. David Nicol will be presenting outputs from REAP in two sessions:
14:40 Harnessing technology to address strategic challenges: Prospects for transformational change.
Presenter: Dr. David Nicol
Slides: Click Here
Short paper:
15:15 E-assessment: Roles for ICT in formative and summative assessment.
Presenter: Prof. Jeff Haywood and Dr. David Nicol 

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ALT-C 2006: the next generation:13th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh - 05/09/2006 to 07/09/2006

Main themes:
Next generation learning; next generation; learners; next generation technology; next generation providers
Keynote speakers:
Professor Stephen Heppell, Heppell.Net Ltd and Ultralab technology research centre
Diana Oblinger, Vice President for EDUCAUSE's teaching and learning initiatives
Professor Tim O'Shea, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh
Terry Anderson Ph.D, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Distance Education at Athabasca University
Dr Philip Candy, who supports Education, Training and Development for the UK National Health Service
Professor Gilly Salmon, Professor of E-learning & Learning Technologies, University of Leicester
Chris Yapp, Head of Public Sector Innovation at Microsoft

The SFC e-Learning Transformation Projects, including REAP, will give a joint symposium on approaches to transformation in teaching and learning in an 'e-world'.
Dr. Steve Draper and Dr. David Nicol will also be presenting a short paper on: Transformation in e-learning

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Assessment 2006 - Assessment for Excellence: Third Biennial Joint Northumbria/EARLI SIG Assessment Conference

Redworth Hall, in County Durham - 30/08/2006 to 01/09/2006

The conference focuses on ways of achieving excellence in assessment taking into account the contexts within which assessment operates. It addresses particularly the roles, functions and practices of assessment in relation to the whole teaching and learning context within educational settings, and in relation to the wider social context and the full range of stakeholders. The conference offers a platform to discuss research evaluation, innovation, impacts and standards in assessment, based on evidence from research and educational practice.
The REAP project will present a paper on redesigning assessment activities which engage students and promote learning and self regulation.

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10th International CAA Conference

Burleigh Court International Conference Centre, Loughborough University - 04/07/2006 to 05/07/2006

The Tenth International CAA Conference focuses on the use of information technology in the assessment process. This year's event comprises a mixture of presentations looking on both technical and pedagogical issues.  David Nicol gave a paper entitled 'Assessment For Learner Self-Regulation: Enhancing The First Year Experience Using Learning Technologies'. This is available at: Click Here
Conference website (including proceedings and presentations)

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JISC / SFC 'Learner Driver' conference

Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University - 31/05/2006

A major conference on the transformation of learning in Scottish Further and Higher Education. Keynote speakers include Carol A. Twigg, National Centre for Academic Transformation and Bill Harvey, Scottish Funding Council.
Contributions will be included from all six Transformation Projects, including REAP. Conference themes will include e-learning; e-content; and e-management and admin.
The REAP presentation  'Two Way Traffic: Transforming Assessment Practices' was given by David Nicol, Steve Draper and Catherine Owen. Presentation available at: Click Here
Conference web site:

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SFC Transformation Projects - Programme Meeting

Business Learning and Conference Centre, Fife - 11/05/2006

Event aims:

  • To provide an update of the projects, related JISC activities and SFC e-Learning strategy
  • To facilitate opportunities for cross programme working
  • To offer practical guidance on IPR, Copyright and other legal issues

Catherine Owen of REAP and Jackie MacMillian of ECT (the E-Contruction Transformation project) led a session on 'Partner Management where delegates took part in a collaborative 'Chance or Challenge' game where they were asked to offer solutions to various project challenges.
Event web site:

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


REAP Learning Enhancement Network Event

University of Strathclyde - 25/04/2006

This is a great opportunity to share ideas about assessment re-engineering with the wider institution and a chance for project teams in all three REAP partner universities to showcase those activities currently piloting and plans for future pilots.
1.30pm Coffee in the Conservatory, McCance Building
2.00pm Welcome & Introduction, Catherine Owen, REAP Project Manager; David Nicol, REAP Project Director
2.15pm REAP in practice: participating departments share outcomes & ideas, followed by questions & discussion:
3.55pm Discussion: What can REAP do for you?
4.15pm CLOSE
David Nicol, REAP 'The seven principles of good feedback'
Jim Boyle, SU Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Ian Thompson, SU School of Pharmacy
Jim Baxter, SU Dept of Psychology
Mercedes Douglas, SU Dept of Marketing
Gillian Roberts, GCU Caledonian Business School
Sheena MacArthur, GCU Caledonian Business School
Amanda Corrigan & Jennifer Moffat, SU Dept of Childhood & Primary Studies
LEN web page:

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REAP 'Brown Bag' Lunchtime Event

CAPLE, 2nd Floor, Graham Hills Building, 50 George Street, Glasgow, University of Strathclyde - 06/04/2006

The second session in the REAP series of monthly ‘brown bag’ lunch events, an opportunity to meet informally with colleagues across the project consortium and to share early outcomes, experiences and challenges.
At this month's event Professor Jim Boyle of the SU Department of Mechanical Engineering is presenting on the use of Electronic Voting Systems (EVS) to promote active learning and peer discussion
Related links:
Teaching & Learning in Department of Mechanical Engineering:

Video interview with Jim boyle for Centre for Enhanced Learning, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

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SU Learning Enhancement Network: Teaching & Learning Through Technologies

Court Senate suite, McCance Building, SU - 02/03/2006

A one day event highlighting the range of innovative practice in teaching and learning through technologies at Strathclyde.
REAP Project Manager Catherine Owen gives a keynote presentation introducing the REAP project, explaining its context, drivers and objectives, and the principles of transformation, then sharing some examples from participating academic departments. Presentation available: Click Here
Dr Gillian Inglis of SU Childhood & Primary Studies and Jenny Booth of REAP present a session on the pedagogical issues underpinning the choice of a web-based platform for Personal Development Planning in the B Ed degree. Presentation available: Click Here

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


REAP 'Brown Bag' Lunchtime Event

CAPLE, 50 George Street, University of Strathclyde - 01/03/2006

REAP holds the first in its series of monthly ‘brown bag’ lunch events, an opportunity to meet informally with colleagues across the project consortium and to share early outcomes, experiences and challenges.
Each event includes a brief presentation and a chance to chat with project staff. The March presentation is by Deirdre Kelly of SU Psychology department, on how they are using discussion forums in the first year Basic Psychology module to facilitate peer learning, collaborative processes, and feedback. Presentation available: Click Here

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


SFC Transformation Programme Workshop

Stirling Management Centre, Stirling University - 17/01/2006

This workshop provides a forum for progress updates from each of the Transformation projects, focusing on the issues of transformation, evaluation, and cross project communication.
Catherine Owen presented an update on the REAP project.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes

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