Events in 2007

REAP Workshop at the University of Surrey

University of Surrey, Guildford - 17/12/2007

This seminar, presented by Catherine Owen, was a chance for staff from Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey to find out more about the REAP project and gain practical advice on how assessment can be used to improve teaching and learning.

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LEN Event - Assessment and feedback: strategies for responding to the National Student Survey

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow - 07/12/2007

The quality of assessment and feedback was the area of most concern to students responding to the recent National Student Survey (NSS), particularly in Scotland. This session offered the opportunity to discuss Strathclyde's response to the NSS, strategies for improving assessment and was an opportunity to find out more about future plans for assessment at the University of Strathclyde.

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REAP Workshop at Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh - 27/11/2007

This workshop was a chance for staff at Heriot-Watt University to find out more about the REAP project and gain practical advice on how assessment can be used to improve teaching and learning.

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JISC Design for Learning Programme Meeting

Aston University, Birmingham - 23/10/2007 to 24/10/2007

David Nicol participated in this event as one of the experts advising how the Design for Learning programme should take forward outputs and outcomes.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


SFC Transformation Programme Conference

BLCC, Dunfermline - 26/09/2007

This was a chance for the projects and the national agencies involved in the SFC Transformation Programme to set out their stalls on e-learning and transformation. The day comprised of short 'carousel' sessions rather than formal presentations. Each of the SFC projects, including REAP, were represented by 2 or 3 staff.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


JISC CETIS Assessment SIG Meeting

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow - 26/09/2007

The day included news and updates on e-assessment activities, presentations and reports on projects and other development work, and innovations within the domain. The work of the REAP project was presented to the group. The presentation can be downloaded from here.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


SQA: Practice in e-Assessment Conference

Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow - 12/09/2007

This was an opportunity for lecturers and tutors in Scotland's Colleges to get excited about e-Assessment and the use of technology to enhance assessment delivery. REAP presented two workshop sessions during this conference. The presentation is available here.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


ALT-C 2007: Beyond Control

Nottingham, England - 04/09/2007 to 06/09/2007

“Learning technology for the social networking generation” was the theme for the annual conference of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). Keynote speakers included UK educationist Dr Michelle Selinger (now education strategist with Cisco Systems), Google’s director of research Dr Peter Norvig, and Professor Dylan Wiliam, deputy director of the Institute of Education.

REAP hosted a workshop session on 'Designing with technology to enhance learner responsibility: shifting control through assessment practices'

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White Space Day II

University of Abertay Dundee - 15/06/2007

As part of the University of Abertay's White Space Day Catherine Owen from the REAP project was invited to present some of the innovative methodologies for assessing students in large classes and improving engagement.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


Innovating e-Learning online conference 2007

11/06/2007 to 14/06/2007

This conference will bring together a selection of key innovators in e-learning to present and discuss the current and future impact of e-learning. The two themes are designed to look at the impact of e-learning from an internal institutional perspective and from the more personalised view of the lifelong learner. The conference programme will be of interest to practitioners, managers and e-learning coordinators in further and higher education, researchers, staff developers, learning technologists and key stakeholders supporting lifelong learning.
REAP members David Nicol and Steve Draper presented a paper under theme 1 - Institutional Transformation which is available from: Click Here

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International Online Conference sponsored by the REAP Project: Assessment design for learner responsibility

29/05/2007 to 31/05/2007

An innovative Online International Conference exploring the interplay between the theory and practice of assessment and feedback in FE/HE in the digital age. We are especially interested in assessment designs that result in enhanced motivation and engagement and that help equip students to monitor and manage their own learning and feedback. Participation is FREE.

This event has now passed. The conference archive is available here.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


Keynote at EdTech 2007 Conference in Dublin

Dublin Institute of Technology (Bolton Street Campus) - 23/05/2007 to 25/05/2007

EdTech 2007 is the Eighth Annual Irish Educational Technology Users Conference, run by the Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA). REAP director Professor David Nicol gives a keynote presentation on 'Technology Supported Assessment: Principles & Practice'.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


REAP workshop at Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield - 14/05/2007

Workshop given by David Nicol and Catherine Owen of REAP as part of Sheffield Hallam Learning and Teaching Institute's 'Assessment Week'

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Professional Development Conference for Teachers in Higher Education

Ashley Building, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2DF - 11/05/2007

Presentation by REAP director David Nicol on "Technology-supported Assessment: Adding Value not Effort", as part of at a conference hosted by the Institute for Education Policy Research at Staffordshire University.

REAP Attending/Participating: Yes


REAP workshop at Queen Margaret University

Edinburgh - 09/05/2007

Workshop on REAP given by David Nicol and Catherine Owen at the Queen Margaret University Centre for Academic Practice

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New thinking and practice in HE assessment and feedback

Appleton Tower, University of Edinburgh - 29/03/2007

Talk as part of the event 'eLearning @ Edinburgh: Action and e-Action'.
This session starts from the premise that the effectiveness of the feedback students receive is today the most common limitation on their learning achievements, beginning with some frightening research findings on the ineffectiveness of current practices. It then introduces some practical principles of good practice based on current theoretical thinking, then briefly describes two contrasting learning designs (both partly supported by e-technology) that score exceptionally highly against these theoretical ideas. The audience is then invited to discuss whether and how the theories and specific designs could make any sense in their own particular teaching context: thus both stressing the theories for the speaker's benefit, and developing practical ideas for local applications for their own benefit.
Steve Draper, currently a lecturer at Glasgow University, has in recent years worked on the use of technology in HE, especially on evaluating the benefits (if any) of its applications, and on theories of education. This presentation comes from his involvement in the "Re-engineering Assessment Practices" (funded by SFC), and his collaboration with the project director, David Nicol. Steve has also worked extensively on the use of Electronic Voting Systems in HE.
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Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland - 26/03/2007 to 28/03/2007

Join leading researchers and practitioners in the field of technology enhanced learning at the Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) biennial conference. 
CAL ’07, will debate the alleged disruptive nature of technological development in the area of learning at the individual, institutional and national level in an attempt to learn from the past while designing for the future.
Conference themes include:
ICT and Learning
New Directions
Creative Expression and Learning
ICT4DEV (ICT for Development [Education])
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