At a Glance


University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Subject History
Fcous Multiple case study focuses on the contribution of peer review to the acquistion of undergraduate writing skills. Also examines the optimal conditions for peer review.
Students 168 students across all undergraduate years


Students shared drafts of assignments (historical study, biography of historian etc) and assessed using same criteria teacher would use for final version. Provided written and/or verbal comments (3 recommendations for improvement). Did not mark. Rewrote drafts using feedback.

Almost all students used peer suggestions to make revisions. 80% students thought peer feedback helped them develop writing skills. 

Authors recommend combination of written/oral feedback as each emphasises different feedback functions (evaluative, dialogical)

Comment Optimal design - author's suggestions: limit size of writing task, leave time to revise, reciprocal feedback, oral feedback in class, include face-to-face contact, feedback group size 3-4,
Source Van den Berg, I., Admiraal, W. and Pilot, A (2006). Peer assessment in university teaching: evaluating seven course designs, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 31(1), 19-36