Ensure that peer review is a regular activity not a one-off event

20 February 2013 

This principle has just been added and one deleted.  The construction of principles is a complex process and getting feedback from many people is important. I have had this principle in and out across the various attempts to produce a coherent and valuable list. 

I will add text here soon - David Nicol


Why a regular activity?

  • takes practice to develop evaluative abilities
  • more likely to develop learning communities
  • excellent way to get students to spend time on task (Gibbs, 1999)
  • it takes time to get students used to this kind of activity and it will work better with practice
  • to ensure that there is some continuity of experience as students progress through modules

How to put this principle into practice?

  • Build peer review into the course as a core platform for student learning
  • Use in class as well as out of class for formal and informal activities (e.g. Gibbs example of posters)
  • Create one task and build to more complex tasks through the module 
  • Create variation in mode of implementation to highlight different skills - eg making sense of multiple received reviews versus production of reviews.