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David Nicol & Steve Draper
The Theory and Practice of Assessment
5 35 RE: Position of the princ...
by Vanessa Scholes
11/06/2007 22:27
David Boud
Great designs: what should assessment do?
6 28 RE: How can we do it effe...
by Mantz Yorke
31/05/2007 11:29
Trudy Banta
Using electronic portfolios to assess learning at IUPUI
4 7 RE: Evaluating the artefa...
by Gillian Palmer
30/05/2007 17:46
Mantz Yorke
Assessment in the first year of higher education: old principles in new wrapping?
2 14 RE: Welcome!
by Mantz Yorke
04/06/2007 22:29
Web 2.0 pedagogic design Session
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Not just Web 2.0, all about pedagogic design
3 31 RE: What are others exper...
by Bobby Elliott
31/05/2007 10:14
Atlay, Lawrence & Gamble case study
A Wikied Assessment Strategy
1 5 RE: Using a Wiki in a CPD...
by Lesley Lawrence
30/05/2007 08:52
Cubric case study
Using wikis for summative and formative assessment
6 31 RE: To assess or not to a...
by Mark Russell
31/05/2007 17:35
Effective Feedback to 550 Students Session
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Effective Feedback to 550 Students
2 46 RE: Assessing first year ...
by Mary Welsh
31/05/2007 22:46
Baxter case study
A Case Study of Online Collaborative Work in a Large First Year Psychology Class
2 34 RE: Facilitator's FINAL t...
by Jim Baxter
31/05/2007 15:00
In-class vs out-of-class work Session
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In-class vs out-of-class work by students
9 16 Ideas for Using Clickers
by Maha Bali
31/05/2007 12:38
Bali & Keaney Case study
Collaborative Assessment Using Clickers
3 3 Which type of Clickers
by Chris Hall
30/05/2007 10:05
Sharp & Sutherland Case study
Learning Gains… ‘My (ARS)’ The impact of student empowerment using Audience Response Systems Technology on Knowledge Construction, Student Engagement and Assessment
1 10 RE: Opening fac. comments
by Andy Sharp
30/05/2007 00:36
Aligning assessment at institutional level Session
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Aligning assessment at the institutional level
5 21 RE: Research on student l...
by Stephen Ehrmann
31/05/2007 12:55
Gray case study
United States Naval Academy Case Study Using the Adoption of Innovation Literature to Guide Institutional Strategies for Assessment
1 0 Gray Case Study
by Trudy Banta
29/05/2007 17:00
McKitrick case study
Developing an assessment procedure to enhance student learning outcomes in critical thinking/information management
0 0

Raising students' meta-cognition Session
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Raising students' meta-cognition (self-assessment)
1 2 RE: Welcome!
by Peter Hartley
30/05/2007 21:26
Gardner-Medwin & Curtin Case study
Certainty-Based Marking (CBM) for reflective learning and proper knowledge assessment
9 11 BAD PRACTICE to include a...
by Tony Gardner-Medwin
31/05/2007 17:48
Winning, Lekkas & Townsend Case study
Developing clinical self-assessment skills in first-year dental students
5 9 RE: Clinical self-assessm...
by Tracey Winning
05/06/2007 02:41
Feast of case studies
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Open session on case studies in the archive
3 18 RE: Technology - a pedago...
by Jane Thomson
03/06/2007 13:50
Interaction of peer & tutor feedback Session
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The Interaction of peer & tutor feedback
4 8 RE: Facilitator Topic Res...
by Barbara Crossouard
31/05/2007 10:17
Bates case study
Collaborative Problem-solving in First Year Physics
2 1 RE: Enforcing solo work
by Simon Bates
30/05/2007 15:29
Crossouard & Pryor case study
Formative assessment in a professional doctorate context: developing identities as researchers
3 0 Related journal articles
by Barbara Crossouard
31/05/2007 09:46
Writing for scientists Session
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Writing for scientists
2 2 RE: One view of why these...
by Charlotte Taylor
31/05/2007 07:46
Hamer Case study
Laboratory Reports, Reflective Essays, and the Contributing Student Approach
1 1 RE: My response to Colin'...
by Colin Milligan
31/05/2007 11:14
Taylor case study
Integrating feedback on academic writing into an undergraduate science course
1 1 RE: Responding to reviewe...
by Colin Milligan
31/05/2007 11:26
Collaborative writing Session
Forum Name Topics Replies Last Post
Collaborative writing in divergent disciplines
3 20 RE: Are these radical cou...
by Quintin Cutts
31/05/2007 15:56
Cutts case study
Essay Writing with Peer Reviewing and Marking
1 1 RE: group or peer work?
by Quintin Cutts
29/05/2007 07:36
Das & McGugan case study
Shakespeare: Page Stage Screen
0 0

Students deciding on assessment criteria Session
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Students deciding on assessment criteria
2 12 RE: Review of Hernandez C...
by Rosario Hernandez
31/05/2007 13:33
Hernández Case study
Students’ Engagement in the Development of Criteria to Assess Written Tasks
0 0

Panel Sessions
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Student input to assessment design & strategy
2 2 Models of Assessment
by Maha Bali
31/05/2007 11:39
Sharing responsibility for assessment: reflections
2 1 RE: Team Teaching
by cynthia shedd
01/06/2007 03:53
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The Social Scene
Drop in here just to say hello to your fellow delegates
7 52 RE: How is it for you?
by Fran Everingham
31/05/2007 16:50

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