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Day 1: 29th May 2007

The asynchronous discussion fora for each session will be open throughout the conference.

Schedule of synchronous chats

All times are BST (GMT 1)

8am-9am It's not just Web 2.0, it's all about pedagogic design - Discussion of:

"A Wikied Assessment Strategy"
Mark Atlay, Lesley Lawrence and Mark Gamble University of Bedfordshire, UK

"Using wikis for summative and formative assessment"
Dr. Marija Cubric, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Expert facilitator: Dr Peter Kandlbinder, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

9am-10am The Theory and Practice of Assessment


"Principles of good assessment and feedback: Theory and practice"
Dr David Nicol, REAP Director, Strathclyde University, UK

"A Momentary Review of Assessment Principles"
Dr Steve Draper, University of Glasgow, UK

11am-12pm Effective feedback to 550 students - Discussion of:

"A Case Study of Online Collaborative Work in a Large First Year Psychology Class"
Jim Baxter, Strathclyde University, UK

Expert facilitator: Prof Derek Rowntree

2pm-3pm In-class vs out-of-class work by students - Discussion of:

"Collaborative Assessment Using Clickers"
 Maha Bali & Heather Keaney, American University in Cairo

"Learning Gains…’My (ARS)’ The impact of student empowerment using Audience Response Systems Technology on Knowledge Construction, Student Engagement and Assessment"
Andy Sharp and Angela Sutherland, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Expert facilitator: Dr Steve Draper, University of Glasgow, UK

4pm-5pm Aligning assessment at the institutional level - Discussion of:

"Developing an assessment procedure to enhance student learning outcomes in critical thinking/information management"
Dr Sean McKitrick, Binghamton University, New York, USA

"United States Navel Academy case study: Using the adoption of innovation literature to guide institutional strategies for assessment"
Dr Peter Gray, United States Naval Academy, USA

Expert facilitator: Dr Steve Ehrmann, The TLT Group, USA