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Students deciding on assessment criteria

"Students’ Engagement in the Development of Criteria to Assess Written Tasks"
Rosario Hernández, University College Dublin, Ireland

Expert facilitator: Maddalena Taras, University of Sunderland, UK - folder icon Download review

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Overview: This case study describes the process of engaging students in the development of criteria to be adopted in teacher, peer and self-assessment practices. The study was undertaken with undergraduate students of Hispanic Studies participating in a semester-long module whose main aim is the development of students’ written competence in Spanish. The involvement of students in the development of assessment criteria was an attempt to move into a student-centred approach to teaching and learning, and to integrate alternative assessment practices with the teaching experience. This case study is interesting because the involvement of students in the development of criteria to be adopted for self-, peer, and teacher assessment of their learning, is an influential exercise that empowers learners to take an active role in the assessment process. This exercise also contributes to the development of students’ ownership of their learning through assessment.

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A chat session was held here with the Authors and Expert facilitator on the 31st May from 12:00 - 13:00 UK time (BST). You may view a transcript of this chat from the link below.

Chat transcript - Students deciding on assessment criteria

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RE: Review of Hernandez Case Study RosarioHernandez | 31/05/2007 13:33
RosarioHernandezThanks Derek, it was hard to address all the ideas coming from the participants. I hope my answers were OK. I agree with you that it is not fair to ask students to grade their classmates when their linguistic competence is still low. I feel that thos...
RE: Review of Hernandez Case Study DerekRowntree | 31/05/2007 13:03
DerekRowntreeYou did a great job on the chat, Rosario, dealing with that avalanche of questions!Regarding students grading other students, I am trying to imagine how difficult I might find it to give someone what I thought was a realistic grade for their Spanish ...
RE: Review of Hernandez Case Study GillP | 31/05/2007 11:44
GillPAs a proponent of involving adult learners in setting their own assessment criteria, how does Rosario see this fitting in to the 'objectives v outcomes' debate? To really simplify that comment: is it easier, this way, to ensure programme outcomes ...
RE: Review of Hernandez Case Study dwruth | 31/05/2007 01:27
dwruthI am also interested the issue raised by Derek. I think it might depend on the level of student or course, but I would want to make a clear distinction between a learning objective and an assessment criteria. The subject matters too of course; a pers...
RE: Review of Hernandez Case Study DerekRowntree | 30/05/2007 18:01
DerekRowntreeThanks Martin, that's some interesting material you've pointed out to us.