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Assessment in the first year of higher education: old principles in new wrapping?

Professor Mantz Yorke, Lancaster University, UK

This Keynote examines assessment and the first year experience.  Please download Prof Yorke's text by clicking the link below.

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Overview: There is plenty of evidence from UK sources (paralleled from elsewhere) that assessment is the most problematic aspect of higher education curricula.  The implied challenges are heightened when they intersect with those facing students entering higher education, especially when the students lack a cultural background which can provide support.


This presentation focuses on a phase of higher education that is critical to the success of newly enrolled students – the first year.  It will draw on theoretical and empirical evidence relating to assessment (including that from recent surveys of the first year experience), and will invite participants to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the electronic learning environment.

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A chat session was held here with Prof Yorke on the 31st May from 13:30 - 14:30 UK time (BST). You may a transcript of this chat from the link below.

 Chat transcript - assessment in the first year of higher education

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RE: Welcome! MantzYorke | 04/06/2007 22:29
MantzYorkeI'll put it here in case anyone else needs it; .
RE: Welcome! FranE | 04/06/2007 04:50
FranEHi Mantz, I looked for an email address so I could send the powerpoint presentation referred to in 'MantzYorke on 31/05/2007 20:14:32' - but it remains illusive. Could you please post the address here or send to my email address at F.Everingha...
RE: Welcome! MantzYorke | 03/06/2007 22:49
MantzYorkeHello Gloria: I think that you are right in pointing to the need for academics to rethink assessment, but I'd push a bit further and suggest that there's a need for more of a learning-oriented climate in HE (as opposed to the rather instrumental one ...
RE: Welcome! GDunlop | 03/06/2007 16:02
GDunlopI am a great supporter of formative assessment and believe it should feature more within higher education study as this is one way to give learners control of their learning development but it seems to me that there would really need to be radical ch...
RE: Welcome! MantzYorke | 02/06/2007 12:13
MantzYorkeThere has certainly been a shift in thst direction in FY (which I welcome), but in general not to ditch summative completely. Students have to satisfy progression conditions, which implies some degree of summative. It's more a matter of shifting th...