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REAP Conference Acceptable use and copyright policy

Acceptable use of the Conference Environment

As with any formal or informal gathering, everyone gains the most when they follow basic codes of conduct. Please therefore take note of the following. The REAP conference reserves the right to cancel your delegate account and/or take any other appropriate measures to ensure these guidelines are met:
  • All delegates must provide real and accurate information when registering and participating in the REAP conference. This includes information required to create a delegate account and participate in discussions. Using a false name or email address or impersonating someone else will result in cancellation of your account.
  • Please be courteous. Don't be abusive, disruptive, or rude. Posting or sending personal attacks or offensive, defamatory, and otherwise inappropriate material to other delegates will not be tolerated and may result in cancellation of your account.
  • Please be careful not to post any inappropriate images or logos to the REAP conference either as part of your profile or in the Discussion fora.

Case study library and other Conference resources

The aim of the REAP conference is to allow delegates* to exchange experiences, ideas, opinions and approaches relating to assessment and the themes of conference.

Delegates* are free** to use, develop and adapt the case studies, ideas and discussion exchanges developed in the conference either to improve their own practice, or to help develop others’ skills. Delegates* will be able to use the content and outputs of the conference in the normal course of their work. Any such use will acknowledge the source of the original materials.

* A delegate in the conference includes authors of case studies, expert facilitators, keynotes, panel members, delegates, moderators and organisers.

** Unless stated otherwise.

These conditions apply to all the materials stored in the REAP conference online environment. This agreement SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES keynote presentations, which remain the copyright of the authors/publishers, and any materials referred to or linked to, but which are stored outside the conference environment, eg links to external web sites, online papers, books, articles and references.

We ask you to read, agree to, and accept these conditions as a necessary pre-requisite to registration and participation in the REAP International Online Conference.

We assume the following conditions:

  1. You certify that you either hold copyright of any material contributed by yourself or you have obtained permission from the copyright holder to provide the material under the conditions agreed for the REAP conference.
  2. You agree that this material can be used by any delegate in the REAP conference in the normal course of their business.
  3. You agree that this material can be used by staff in any tertiary educational institution in the world (within the or .edu domains) in the normal course of their business (The normal course of a university's business is taken to include research and consultancy as well as teaching.)
  4. The material will never be used without the identity of the provider, acknowledgement of the REAP conference, and the conditions of use being included with the material.